Current Work

Maine Morning

Each piece is 11″x14″ charcoal on paper


11″x14″ charcoal on paper

Maine Coast

11″x14″ charcoal on paper —SOLD

“Heading Out”

11″x14″ charcoal on paper- SOLD

“Liberation Near Magdeburg 1945”

“Liberation 1945 #1

See below for a link to the full story.

These charcoal drawings are based on an iconic image taken by Major Clarence Benjamin. I gained permission to do these drawings from Matthew Rozell who wrote the book entitled, A Train Near Magdeburg. To read about the story behind this image, please visit:

“Reckoning “

Just completed this 4’x3′ charcoal Drawing. See the video below for details hard to see in the image above.

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