Charcoal & Acrylic 2017

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Horse Pull, Charcoal on Board 4′ x 5′

Horse Pull- SOLD

This piece was inspired by the Horse Pull competition at the North Stonington Agricultural Fair, in North Stonington CT.  This 4′ x 5′ charcoal on wood now hangs in the home of the man in the drawing.  My goal for this piece was to show strength and movement.

Stand Up
Stand Up, Charcoal on Board 24″ x 39″

Stand Up- Available $300 plus shipping (unframed)

This  is charcoal drawing with layers of clear acrylic as a sealer on board.  I have been enjoying making images in this way in my recent work.  This image was inspired by a photo from the 1940’s, taken from an album of my mother’s childhood. My Mom was taken away from her parents and lived most of her life as a foster child.  She often had to stand up and help her siblings through this often difficult life experience.  I was a teacher for many years myself and I had many students who traveled the often challenging life of foster homes.  We all need a strong friend sometimes.

Is Mother Nature Safe?, Charcoal with Acrylic Glazes on Board 24″ x 40″

Is Mother Nature Safe? Available $300 plus shipping (unframed)

This piece explores our relationship to the natural world.  Mother Nature is wearing a red plaid shirt, often worn by hunters to be seen by other hunters.  Is Mother Nature safe from humans?  Are we taking care of the world we live in?

Seeking Humanitarian Aid
Seeking Humanitarian Aid, Charcoal, Acrylic and Tea on Board 24″ x 40″

Seeking Humanitarian Aid- SOLD

This work was inspired by a photo from my Mother’s album from the 1940’s.  These children stand for the many people in our world who need humanitarian aid.  My hope is to have people really see their need and help.

This piece was drawn in charcoal on board, covered with several layers of acrylic satin medium mixed with white acrylic and “aged” with tea.  It measures 24″ x 40″.   This piece was sold at the Mystic Art Museum in May.

Too Much
“Where’s The Hope?” Charcoal and Acrylic on Board 24″ x 48″

Winner of The Presidents Award 

The American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition 2017

Take the Shot”  Charcoal on Paper 30″ x 22″


Team of Horses
“Horse Pull”   Charcoal on Board 4′ x 5′ 6″



Charcoal and Printing ink on Paper 30″ x 38″

“All That Glitters Is not Gold”

Charcoal and Acrylic on Board  24″ x 24″ Available $200.00 plus shipping (unframed)

“I Can’t Hear You” 

Charcoal on Paper 30″ x 30″


“Looking Back” – SOLD  

Charcoal and Acrylic on Board 32″ x 48″


18″ x 24″ Graphite on Gessoed Board

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