Drawings for Food Pantry

Hello Everyone!

A new project! I am creating drawings for holidays 100% of the profits goes to the food pantry. They are for sale at The Wheeler Library, or directly from me.

This is the first card image. This is our North Stonington Santa who is always at our town tree lighting. He arrives in the firetruck after the caroling is done and gives candy canes to the kids!

Each of these originals will be available to purchase for $200 each. Card pricing will be listed when they are set. (Update, all originals except the Sledding at the rec field have been sold!)

Our Santa
Snowy Day
Original sold
Wheeler Library
original sold
Favorite sledding spot in town

All profits from the sale of these artworks goes to the North Stonington School’s Food Pantry to help students and their families in need. All the drawings are original artworks created by Suzanne Starr. The carbon pencil drawings below are currently available as originals or prints. Some originals are still available, all drawings are available as prints. The size of the drawing itself is 5″ x 7″.

Originals are matted and framed in a classic thin black wooden frame, and are available for $100. Prints are matted and in a clear plastic sleeve, ready for you to frame in a standard 8″ x 10″ frame, available for $20. (If you are in town I can deliver them to you, if you require shipping, shipping cost is extra.)

The Dew Drop Inn– A North Stonington Icon! available as a print.


Did you know for about three years in the late 50’s there were several “Cowboy Towns” in CT? They were quite the tourist attractions, albeit short lived. This article in The Day will tell you a bit about them. Some in town may even remember this! Sabrina commissioned me to draw this picture of The Silver Queen Saloon building that has the original windows from the building that was on her property. The Silver City Cowboy Town and Dude ranch was on her property. Along with the Blacksmith shop, these are two of the historic images that are available to purchase as prints.



This is the Blacksmith shop we had in town! Available as a print. The original is still available. The original is 8” x 10 inch framed to 11” x14”. Because of the larger size this original is $150. Prints are still 5” x7” , matted and ready for you to frame in a standard 8” x 10” frame for $20 each.

North Stonington Fairgrounds. Available as a print. The original is also available.

Cool Breeze Farm- Available as a print

Curve in the Road- Available as a print

Miner’s Field with Road- Available as a print

Miner’s Field- Available as a print

Miner’s Farm- Original is available, Available in print form as well.

Jonathan Edwards Winery- Original has been sold. Available in print form.

Tree in winter- Original has been sold. Available in print

Barn at Cool Breeze- Available in print form

Fence at Cool Breeze Farm- Available in print form

Wheeler Library- Available in print form

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