School Mural Project

I just completed a five week mural painting project. This school high school building will be the temporary home of the elementary school in our town for the next year. The school walls were blank and white and I had full rein as to what I wanted to paint and where, I volunteered to do this as a gift to help this transition period be more pleasant for the students and staff. The time frame available was just five weeks. I covered the two main areas of the hallways, putting in over 120 hours of painting time. Great energizing work! The high school students were very encouraging as I was painting while School was in session as well as after school. My goal was to make it a welcoming place for the little ones. The regular elementary school is being refurbished and the kids will return there in the fall of 2020. The building where I have painted the murals will then be torn down. I have heard people say that I did a lot of work and it’s a shame it will all be demolished, but a year is a long time in the life of a child, so for me it was totally worth it. I think they will enjoy this year.

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